How to Shop for a Livestock Trailer

Are you going to buy a new livestock trailer? To get more value for your money, you need to plan your purchase carefully. How to do it exactly? Read on the following tips on shopping for the right trailer.

1. Determine your purpose for buying a trailer.

Before doing anything else, you have to know what you are going to use the trailer for. Is the trailer for back road use or for traveling on the highway? Aside from that, you also need to know the type of farm animals that will be transported as well as the estimated total weight of the cargo.

2. Check if your tow vehicle is designed for handling a trailer.

Your tow vehicle should be equipped with a hitch. If your vehicle has one, make sure the hitch is mounted firmly to the vehicle frame and is in tiptop condition. But if your tow vehicle does not have a hitch, you can install one with the help of a truck equipment dealer or the automotive shop near your residence.

In addition, your vehicle should be wired so that the wiring harness of the trailer can be used. That way, the lighting system of your vehicle can coordinate well with the blinkers and brake lights installed on the trailer.

3. Check the tires of the trailer.

You have to check the tire’s sidewalls for dry rot or cracks. Trailers tend to crack since they are typically stored outdoors and receive little maintenance. Check if there’s any loose connection and if a wiring harness is present.

4. Check the lighting equipment on the trailer.

Lighting components such as blinkers, brake lights, and tail lights should be inspected to make sure they are fully functioning. You can hook up a trailer to a tow vehicle and turn on the lighting components to see if they work.

5. Check the hitch and safety latches.

In doing so, you ensure the safety of the trailer while it is being used as well as that of the cargo.

6. Ask the retailer for the inspection history of the trailer.

As with regular cars, trailers are required to go through annual inspection in most states. Check if the trailer you are going to buy has passed the latest inspection. Do not make the mistake of buying a trailer that failed the inspection because that means you will spend extra dollars and time for having it pass a recent inspection.
If you follow these pointers, you will surely get a high-quality trailer that will last for a long time. Safety is a prime consideration, so make sure you inspect a trailer thoroughly before you buy it. Also, be sure that every component is working properly so that you won’t need to have the trailer repaired more often than necessary.

Of course, there will come a time when you will need to replace your livestock trailer. When is the right time to upgrade? Some of the considerations include your need for a larger trailer and improving the safety of your currently deteriorating trailer.


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